Micro Centrifuge tube, conical, 2 ml, Non-esterilized

Micro Centrifuge tube conical bottom. Volumes available: 0,5 ml (1.000 units), 1,5 ml (500 units), 2 ml (500 units) and 5 ml (10 bags of 180 units). Sterilized, DNase/RNase free and Non-pyrogenic.

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SKU: CFT000020 Category:


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Micro Centrifuge tube conical bottom. Volume 2 ml. Non-sterilized.
Engraved graduation ensure accuracy.
Flat and frost caps surface together with smooth anf frosted body surface.
DNase/RNase free and non-pyrogenic.
Autoclavable at 121ºC and freezable to -80ºC

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Weight0.64 kg
Dimensions6.98 × 5.83 × 2.13 cm

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