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Centrifuge microtubes

Among JetBiofil‘s general-purpose materials are centrifuge microtubes. These are essential products for clinical and hospital laboratories.

Types of micro centrifuge tubes

Within this category of our online store you can find:

Eppendorf type tube conical bottom 1.5 ml, non-sterile.

This is an eppendorf type tube with conical bottom and flat cap and its volume is 1.5 ml. In addition, this tube is non Dnase / Rnase free and apyrogenic and has a stopper without safety lock. As for its presentation, this type of tube is packaged in bulk in bags of 500 units.

On the other hand, the eppendorf tube is designed in a resistant material to work safely in the field of clinical laboratories, hospitals or research centers. Also, they are used in molecular biology and biochemistry not only for centrifugation. Also, due to their low cost, these tubes are frequently used as vials for chemical substances.

Eppendorf tube, conical bottom, sterile, 0.5 ml

These are eppendorf tubes with a conical bottom and a flat cap. In addition, they have a stopper without safety lock and handle volumes from 0.5 ml to 5 ml. It also has a flat cap design and writing surface. Additionally, it is sterile, Dnase/Rnase free and apyrogenic.

A product designed in pure virgin medical grade polypropylene with frosted writing surface. Likewise, the eppendorf tubes have precise graduation marks and are autoclavable at 121° C and freezable at -80° C. Finally, they are packaged in bulk in 1000 units.

Eppendorf tube conical bottom 2 ml, non sterile

Eppendorf tube with conical bottom, flat cap and 2 ml volume. This type of product is non-sterile, free of Dnase/Rnase and apyrogen. Also, its stopper comes without safety lock. The presentation of this product is packed in bulk in bags of 500 units.

This kind of tube is ideal for working with medium sample volumes. For this reason, this product allows simple and safe processing of sample volumes up to 2.0 ml. In addition, its design prevents accidental opening of the lid during incubation and storage.

Easy Flip conical bottom eppendorf micro centrifuge tube

This is an eppendorf tube with conical bottom and flat cap with a volume of 1.5 ml. It is available sterile or non-sterile. In addition, it is Dnase/Rnase and apyrogen free. Likewise, it is manufactured in high clarity polypropylene and high grade gamma resistance.

It also has an Easy Flip cap for easy one-handed opening and a graduation engraved on the tube. The frosted body surface provides easy and legible marking. Therefore, it is suitable for all standard racks and rotors. Moreover, this type is autoclavable at 121 degrees Celsius and freezable at -80 degrees Celsius.

Micro centrifuge tubes, conical bottom cryotube without skirt, with screw cap

This is a conical bottom, skirted, screw-capped freezing vial made of durable PP and PE. It is available in 2 ml volumes. Also, the interlocking cap design ensures an exact fit and will not absorb water or other contamination.

Another feature is the graduation on the tube body and the silicone seals on the closure that prevent liquid leakage.

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