179 Liters CO2 Incubator with Infrared Sensor and air jacket. Ideal for working in Microbiology in an anaerobic atmosphere, or for cultivation of eukaryotic cells.

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179 Liter CO2 incubator with infrared sensor and air jacket. Ideal for working in Microbiology in an anaerobic atmosphere, or for cultivation of eukaryotic cells.

6-sided heating system. Electric heating wire covers all sides of the chamber allowing uniform, stable and rapid heating, in addition to excellent temperature recovery. 3 parts of the heating section are individually controlled and calibrated by 3 temperature sensors.

Key Features :

  • Air Shirt . Hot air generated is conserved in the space between the chamber and the insulation. This allows for faster temperature recovery and minimizes heat loss. This type of air jacket with insulation does not require regular maintenance.
  • Dual Beam CO2 IR Sensor . Rapid and accurate detection of CO2 regardless of temperature and humidity.
    Natural humidification using the water tray. The heater at the bottom heats the water in the tray and produces humidification. The fan distributes the humidity formed throughout the chamber.
  • Without condensation . Door and frame heating prevent condensation in the chamber and on the glass door.
  • PID microprocessor control. Intelligence control for CO2 concentration, temperature, alarm and automatic decontamination (optional).
  • HEPA filtration at gas supply inlets.
  • Natural convection of air and humidity . Air and humidity are evenly distributed in the chamber by the fan and 6-wall heating.
  • The perforated trays are ideal for natural air flows. Being made of stainless steel they are resistant against corrosion and contamination.
  • The rounded corners allow for easy cleaning. All chamber is made of stainless steel (SUS 304).
  • Pasamuros for entrance of probes.
  • Alarm system . Low or high deviation alarm buzzer for Co2, temperature.
  • Overheat limit . It has a heating shutdown safety device when the set limit is exceeded.

Technical specifications:

  • NB-203XL
  • Temperature range º C Environment + 5º C —- 60º C
  • Precision Temperature º C . +/- 0,1 ºC a 37 ºC
  • Increment T º C 0.1 ºC
  • Controller Digital PID Controller
  • CO2 range % 0% to 20%
  • Precision CO2 % .+/- 0,1 % a 5% a 37º C
  • CO2 increase % 0.10%
  • CO2 control Microprocessor
  • CO2 Inlet Pressure bar 0,3 bar
  • Outer door Magnetic Door with Silicone SealInner door Tempered Glass Door
  • Operation Panel 2-channel individual
  • screen 5 digit display
  • Shirt Type Dry Wall Air Jacket, 6 heat sides
  • Chamber Materials 304 Stainless Steel
  • Chamber Volume liters 179 liters
  • Number of Trays 3 – (max. 8)
  • Chamber Dimensions mm 473 x 528 x 710
  • External dimensions mm 560 x 665 x 945
  • Power V / Hz 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 600 W
  • Weight Kg 78

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