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JetBiofil as an international distributor for the laboratory has state-of-the-art and reliable equipment for use in clinical and hospital laboratories. The following products are available in our online shop.

Types of laboratory equipment

Within this category you can find:

Biological Safety Cabinet BBC 700

This is an equipment with a working area and work surface made of stainless steel. In addition, this cabinet has a sliding front glass with alarm position. Also, the recycled air from the cabinet is filtered by an absolute HEPA H14 filter and is sent to the work area at a speed of 0.45 m/s.

A microprocessor-controlled cabinet with updateable FLASH memory. It also has an external display for easy visualization of the booth control parameters. It is also equipped with an easy-to-use touch panel with security key to control the lighting.

On the other hand, the cabinet has alarms to detect problems in the drive system and the protection barrier for negative pressure and door opening.

CO2 Incubator NB-203, 42 Liters

It is a small CO2 incubator with capacity for 42 liters, infrared sensor and air jacket. This equipment is perfect to work in microbiology in an anaerobic atmosphere, or for eukaryotic cell culture.

On the other hand, this incubator has a convection heating system, which homogenizes the temperature inside the equipment on 6 sides, thanks to the electric heating that covers all sides of the chamber. In this way, the equipment allows a uniform, stable and fast heating and also has an excellent temperature recovery.

NB203XL CO2 Incubator, 179 Liters

An instrument with Dual Beam IR CO2 sensor. For this reason, it features fast and accurate CO2 detection regardless of temperature and humidity. In addition, this instrument features natural humidification using the water tray. Also, the heater at the bottom heats the water in the tray and produces humidification.

The NB203XL CO2 incubator is an equipment that has a fan that distributes the humidity formed throughout the chamber and also has a PID microprocessor control. This is an intelligence control for CO2 concentration, temperature, alarm and automatic decontamination.

Ultra freezer vertical -86ºC under table, 110 L in equipment

This is a laboratory equipment with a working range from -40ºC to -86ºC, with digital plus control for greater precision in temperature control. In addition, it is easier to adjust the temperature range we wish to achieve. Likewise, it has a data logger for temperature monitoring and control. The unit also has a graphic display and USB port for easy data collection.

As for alarms, the equipment has visual and audible alarms for power failure and temperature drop or rise. Additionally, it has alarms for probe failure, open door, filter saturation and discharged battery.

Ultra vertical freezer -86°C, 700 liters

It is a freezer with digital touch control Plus for greater precision in temperature control. Its digital touch screen is installed at a visible level. In addition, all condensing units are 100% tested in a helium chamber for detection and elimination of possible leaks.

On the other hand, this freezer has a double compressor system with low noise level, in case of failure of one compressor, the other one is able to maintain the interior temperature at -70°C. Also, the equipment has a blind door with lock and 4 interior doors to avoid cold losses.

At JetBiofil we have the best in laboratory equipment.