Rotatable Cell Scraper sterile, 23 cm.

Cell scrape with a rotatable cupboard, length 23 cm. 150 units/box individually packed.

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SKU: CSC211023 Category:


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Rotatable cell scraper.
Changes of the blade angle of the cell scraper require slight pressure on the handle using the forfinger, thus pushing the handle downward towards the floor of the container.
Length of 23cm
Material: blades/PE, handle/ABS
Free rotating blade to twist to the desired direction
Total access to all corner
Small raised knobs on the handle
Individually wrapped
Sterilized by gamma irradiation
DNase/RNase-free & Non-pyrogenic

Additional information

Weight 3.81 kg
Dimensions 40.9 × 31.2 × 14.9 cm

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